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Oriental Medicine (East Asian Medicine, Chinese Medicine) is thousands of years old. It focuses on improving your overall health by addressing the root of the imbalances that are impeding your vitality.

Lowcountry Acupuncture provides a variety of specialties to use for your specific needs: 

A combination of these are incorporated into your treatment. Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to address the root of your imbalances. An office visit consists of a medical health history intake, an acupuncture treatment and a discussion about herbal remedies, nutrition and lifestyle habits to enhance the lasting effects.

Acupuncture improves your mind~body health:

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  • Enhancing blood circulation

  • Supporting cellular communication and function

  • Promoting a smooth flow of Qi, the cellular communication & energy within the body

  • Unblocking the Meridians, energy pathways that circulate Qi and blood, to relieve pain

  • Calming the Mind

  • Boosting immunity

 The result is a higher quality of life and a more vital you!

Initial intake & Acupuncture Treatment (1.5hr) $125
Acupuncture Treatment (1hr) $75
Acupuncture~Massage (1.5hr) $125
   Combines the healing benefits of Acupuncture and Medical Massage for deeper relaxation and healing.
Acupuncture Treatment (30 min) $45
  Quick boost for relaxation, immune system support, smoking cessation, addictions, or minor aches and pains
Children under 12yrs ($45)
   Shonishen~ needle-less acupuncture available